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Fabric Inspection

Quality Control

:: Fabric Inspection ::

After completion of inventory Fabric is inspected in a clean and well illuminated area, fabric examining machine with adjustable speed control/appropriate overhead lighting/yardage counter is used to examine defects only on the face side.


Amount to Inspect : 100% each roll and each color.

A Maximum of FOUR POINTS is scored to in one linear yard

Major Fabric Defects :
Mixed Yarn, yarn variation, runner, needle line, barb, slab, hole, and press off.

Major Dye/Print Defects :
Out of register, dye spots, machine stop, color out, smear or shading

Total Penalty Points in Sample X 36” X 100
------------------------------------------------      =  Penalty Points Per 100 Square Yard
Sample Yardage X Sample Width in Inch       

Acceptance Points : 50 Points Per 100 Linear Yards at 64” Width.

Rolls Rejection:
1. Piece length 100 yards or over contains more than 2 splices, each roll of piece length less than 100 yards contain more than 1 splice.

2. Each splices less than 30 yards.

Defect of Classification:

Size of Defect


3 inches or less

1 Points

Over 3 inches to 6 inches

2 Points

Over 6 inches to 9inches

3 Points

Over 9 inches

4 Points

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